Friday, November 13, 2009

something new...

Week one:

I went shopping with my 2 of my girlfriends because Jess is having her birthday drinks tomorrow night. We went to David Jones because she wanted an Alex Perry dress and I remember looking through all the racks of clothing and there being absolutly nothing that would fit me. It was absolutly devastating I felt like crying. But I helped her try and the dresses and she found an amazing black Alex Perry dress and the she is going to look amazing, and the boy that she likes rsvp'd to come to her drinks as well and she is interviewing for a great new job at the moment that I am sure she is going to get. And I am so happy for her especially since this time last year things were going so badly for her. But it definately made me want this more.

I want the boy I like to be coming to my birthday, I want to get into a dress that makes me look and feel amazing, I want to be achieving something career wise that I can be proud of.

So tuesday night I went to boot camp. Everyone except me is stunning and just there to 'tone' and our instructor who I will refer to as Mr B is georgous and I feel even more self concious. But the girls are lovely and Mr B pushed me hard. I am proud to say not to the point where I was vomiting but definatly to utterly exhausted. But it feels good. I have been eating better and I know it has only been a week but I have already lost 2 kilos.

Hopefully I will lose some more next week :)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Hopelessly Seeking....

I am 23, terminally single, over weight and feel utterly lost.

But this is something I am determined to change. And for some reason I have decieded to bare all on the internet. It isn't some I have done before but for some reason I feel like keeping a record of this, a public record and therefore public shame if nothing changes, makes it feel like I have started something.

So here goes. My challenge for the next 12 months is to get into shape, find a boy friend lol or at least get a date, and try and make myself happy. I will blog my progress my success and my failures. I am hoping that doing this will take me somewhere new.

I have joined booty camp ( and paid $250 for 6 weeks to train twice a week, I hope I'm not the fattest one there lol. I start next week and am a little nervous. I once saw a personal trainer in army fatigues screaming at his recruits to run up heartbreak hill. So I hope its nothing like that.

I have an appointment to go and see a nutritionist as well to set up an eating plan and I have also signed up to use the free gym at work.

I have no idea how I am going to find a boyfriend though, but I am thinking it will be alot easier when I feel a little better about my self so I am hoping in that regards that I am kind of pushing that back to the second half of my 12 months, but if someone comes into my life in the mean time then thats even better.

So incase anybody out there is reading this and would like to know a little bit more about me I include a brief description of my life so far.

I live in an apartment with a housemate who has been dating a french diver of whom was also dating another girl who does not finish a sentence unless it has one or more curse words, the french man has recently returned to France so they are now webchatting, very loudly at all hours of the night .

I am studying teaching by correspondence and am about to finish my first year.

I work full time in a call centre which is mind numbing. I say the same things over and over and over again.

I am single and for some reason my friends seem to want to set me up with the most extremely inappropriate men. How ever I will shamefully admit, that this type of man seems to be the only type attracted to me.